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Female fertility

FEMALE FERTILITY Female fertility is a time-limited condition, ranging from first menstruation to menopause. It is greater in the first years after the menarche (first menstruation), it tends to decrease, especially in nulliparous women (without children), approaching menopause. The demographic decline characteristic of Western countries is mainly due to the fact that women tend to procreate after the age of […]

The TORCH complex

The management of pregnancy includes blood tests that are carried out to understand if the mother has infectious diseases that can be transmitted to the fetus. The term “torch complex” (English acronym for toxoplasmosis, others, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes) means a battery of analyzes that specifically concerns: TOXOPLASMOSIS It is a disease caused by a parasite. If it affects a woman […]


Fertility Fertility is the ability to procreate, to be able to fertilize for men, and to be fertilized and carry on pregnancy for women. An essential condition for fertilization is for males to have a good quality of seminal fluid, and for women to have a good functioning of the ovaries and an adequate anatomical structure of the uterus. Fertilization […]

The folina

The main fear of future parents is that of fetal malformations. Control ultrasounds are always lived with anxiety, because they could reveal something that wrong, a defect, a problem, a malfunction of the little body that is growing inside the womb. A practice that can greatly reduce the occurrence of malformations of the neural tube and nervous system (spine and […]

Aperitif? be careful not to overdo it

A common, socially accepted practice is the aperitif. Alcohol is consumed during an aperitif, accompanied by several or more meals less frugal, in a convivial atmosphere, in a context that facilitates e makes you want to drink. Alcohol intake, through this modality, which appears completely harmless, in the long run it interferes with functioning of the gonads, that is, of […]