Much of what until twenty years ago was fantasy, chimera, science fiction, is now reality.

We see it and we live on our skin, almost without giving it more importance, without wonder, as things considered established, normal.

So we asked ourselves, why not also work on co-parenting.

Why not spread this thought, this way of being parents outside the box, without taking into account the gender, the marital status, the desire or not to live “as a couple”.

There are already situations in which children live with a single parent, situations in which a child was born from a short relationship or an occasional relationship, in fact forms of “co-parenting” exist and have always existed, beyond social acceptance.

By co-parenting we mean being parents in a new way, in a way consistent with how we live and think today.

Two people meet, they know each other, with the sole purpose of having a child together.

They will decide who will have parental authority, how and where to raise it, what kind of relationship there will be between them and with any partners of the two parents.

The choice of the partner with whom to conceive is free, dictated by personal tastes and values.

This is the path we intend to trace, accompanying you by the hand until the fulfillment of your desire.

Through us you can only meet and then independently make your journey, or ask for advice on all or part of the journey.

The aspects concerning co-parenting are diverse and complex:

from medicine, to law, to psychology.

There are the same problems of common parenting, to which are added different and new situations whose solution must be found from time to time.

Limits live only in our mind. But if we use our imagination, our possibilities become limitless!

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you alive. And then go and do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.

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