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Safe dating

Meeting new people, having a chat, finding the right person for a sperm donation is the focus of the Fantamily website. Achieving these goals is a very nice thing for the members and a great satisfaction for us at Fantamily, who try to make the portal more and more efficient for this purpose. At the same time, we also try to make our members aware of this so that they do not run into unpleasant situations.

In light of this, we list a number of tips:

  • Do not give your personal information when you do not know the other person well

Avoid communicating data such as surname, tax code, work and/or home address, telephone numbers

  • Take advantage of the portal’s opportunity to get to know each other better

With Fantamily you have the possibility to chat, call and video call. Not always online on the site? No problem: with the notification service you will receive received messages or visits by e-mail! In addition, you can block the user and contact us in case of suspicion or offensive persons. Don’t rush things: take your time before organising outings. It is always preferable to meet in a public place and maybe inform someone close to you!

  • Never send money or banking information

Today, it is not uncommon to hear of individuals who, due to ‘sentimental weaknesses’, fall into fake affairs constructed for the sole purpose of extracting money!

  • In case of aperitifs don’t lose sight of your drink

Only accept drinks or beverages taken at the counter or brought by the waiter. Unfortunately, there are drugs that are impossible to recognise and can be poured into drinks by ill-intentioned persons.

This list of advice is not meant to be a vademecum of alarmism:

To think ill of others is a sin, but it is often a guess!