The main fear of future parents is that of

fetal malformations. Control ultrasounds are always

lived with anxiety, because they could reveal something that

wrong, a defect, a problem, a malfunction of the

little body that is growing inside the womb.

A practice that can greatly reduce the occurrence of

malformations of the neural tube and nervous system

(spine and brain) is the daily intake of

folic acid / pholine / vitamin b 9.

Folina is the form naturally present in food;

folic acid is the oxidized form that is assumed in the form

of tablet / capsule or addition to so-called food


The malformations that are prevented by taking

folina / folic acid, are serious, disabling, compromising

the life of the fetus and the unborn child, I am spina bifida,

anenecephaly, encephalocele. Spina bifida, the least severe

of the three, he presents paintings that are completely compatible with a life

normal, but also pictures with impaired appearance

cognitive and neuromotor. The Italian legislation on abortion

therapeutic, in fact, allows, in these cases, to interrupt the

pregnancy by the sixth month.

According to some studies, the intake of folina / folic acid

it would be appropriate in women, from the beginning of the fertile period,

with daily intake of folic acid, at the dosage of

400mcg per day, and with a balanced diet that allows

the intake of folina through foods, such as dried fruit,

brewer’s yeast, citrus fruits, bananas, strawberries, legumes, cereals

integral. Information campaigns carried out in some countries for this purpose

by no means have not achieved the desired results.

Currently the official position is to advise

expectant mothers to start taking the tablet

of folic acid (they are commercially available at the dosage from

400 mcg) from one month before the schedule of

pregnancy, and throughout the first trimester of

pregnancy. This in addition to preventing the malformations mentioned,

it also contributes to the proper functioning of the bone marrow,

the blood cell factory, which in the first three months of

growth of the fetus, begins to form.

For some years there have been “fortified” foods on the market

with folic acid, such as snakes, and cereal products, in

consideration of the fact that the food industry has understood

the importance of folic acid prevention.

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